Wellesley Wings Track and Field

Wellesley Youth Track and Field Club - "Wellesley Wings" - USATF Club # 02-173

Upcoming Schedule

Those who would like to work one-on-one for a specific event can get individual event technique coaching through Exercise Science Custom Fitness (https://www.exercisesciencecustomfitness.com/track-field-technique).

Throughout the fall and spring, customized training plans designed to help each individual to build fitness for the next year will be available through Exercise Science Custom Fitness.  Members who received training plans at this time in past years made significant improvements throughout the following season.

Winter Practice Schedule
Saturday, 11/25 @ 3pm (Wellesley College Outdoor Track)
Saturday, 12/2 @ 3pm (Dana Hall Shipley Center)
Sunday, 12/10 @ 5pm (Dana Hall Shipley Center) - NOTE DATE & TIME CHANGE
Friday, 12/15 @ 7pm (Wellesley College Indoor Track)
Friday, 12/22 @ 2pm (Wellesley College Indoor Track) - NOTE TIME CHANGE
Friday, 1/5 @ 7pm (Wellesley College Indoor Track)
Friday, 1/12 @ 7pm (Wellesley College Indoor Track)
Friday, 1/19 @ 7pm (Wellesley College Indoor Track)
Friday, 1/26 @ 7pm (Wellesley College Indoor Track)
Saturday, 2/3 @ 3pm (Dana Hall Shipley Center)
Saturday, 2/10 @ 3pm (Dana Hall Shipley Center)

For more information, please contact Amanda Pasko at 781-239-3684 or at wellesleyyouthtrackandfield@gmail.com.       

To learn more about Exercise Science Custom Fitness Track & Field Training Plans, please visit https://www.exercisesciencecustomfitness.com/track-field-technique.   

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